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Jungle Level Beta Ver. 2 Jungle Level Beta Ver. 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Even more improved

Obstacle wise it is better. Seems a little easier to control too. Simple, but more complex than the other version (shurikens were nice). Maybe on the different levels with different themes you can have something different than a shuriken as a deadly object, like ice spikes on an ice stage, lava shooters on a lava stage, maybe even add some falling bolders to the jungle stage. They don't have to do insta-death things, just take a certain amount of health.

Maybe you can add some music to a pause menu if it makes it in the final (or maybe just have the stage music continue while paused). Possibly you could add MINI GAMES!!!! Just something to do besides the game if you feel like it. You could also have a few puzzle-oriented things that you need to do to progress. These are just a couple of ideas and just some food for thought. All in all, so far, so good.

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Bluefox77 responds:

Thanks for the review.
When the real thing is released instant death occurences will be less frequent, mostly being replaced with a decrease in health then a jump back from the hazard.

The idea of mini games is good but it's the way i'd be able to implement them which is the problem.

Jungle Level Beta Jungle Level Beta

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A good start

I really didn't experience the problems everyone else did. As for basics, it was decent. Nothing really flashy for now can give a little more insight on how things are progressing. As mentioned, a power up system would be nice, as well as more obsticles, but you pretty much nailed some of the key elements missing in your description of things to (hopefully) come.

Just a random suggestion for a stage. Maybe one like old school games where the screen auto scrolls from left to right and you have to jump to different platforms while defeating enemies that are on them to add more challenge. Maybe even a story because most games have a story to know what your goal is (can change midway through as well). Nothing too much needed in the story, just a little insight like the character background or something.

Rating lower now for the so far project, guaranteed higher rating when the flash is finished. Good luck, and thanks for showing intrest in my music!

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Bluefox77 responds:

Thanks, I'm going for about 5 areas at the moment (each with two or three levels), but I'll most likely add a stage that differs from the platforming genre of the game ( a side shooter or a 1st person turret defence, like from Dead Space when destroying asteroids).

I like the idea of auto side scrolling stage, like something from Mario ( the older ones).