Entry #16

Long awaited update

2011-11-06 01:22:49 by Ryukenjin

Haven't had internet since April and borrowing a friends. My computer died in March or so and my friend just got it fixed. Making awesome stuff music wise and plan to upload some at a later time. I also have a cool Victory Lap remix (the ending credits to Mario Kart 64). I hope to have internet sometime next year sometime and upload songs. Computer is still running fine and have more ram for more stuff. I'll try to update soon.



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2011-11-06 01:29:17

I doubt anyone was awaiting your update. I sure wasn't.

Ryukenjin responds:

....I wasn't talking about that. I was talking about my long awaited update that I wanted to leave. I doubt people care too much, but for those who care I leave it there. You leaving a comment must mean you care or you wouldn't bother leaving a comment.