I've decided....

2010-08-06 14:17:04 by Ryukenjin

To delete 99.89% of my songs. Seems not many people enjoy it, so might as well keep 1 that a lot like and get rid of the rest... start fresh. When I get an upgrade on my computer around tax return time I will resume music, but as of now I have no inspiration. If I do get inspiration, it is something that would make my computer say "mercy" and would stop. Last song I tried on my computer it skipped and went to low virtual memory after a simple drum pattern and a pad. Don't expect any songs for this year, but I think I'll make some next year.


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2010-10-26 16:09:36

ALAS!! ALAS!!!! Good thing I downloaded a good bit of your older stuff :D

I'll be looking forward to 2011 and hearing some new tunes! I must concede that, as much as I wish you were still making stuff right now, I'm glad you've not given up or anything. As long as you'll be back eventually, I'm okay with it.

Ryukenjin responds:

I don't give up easily on music. I like music so much that giving up on it would be a wrong decision. If you give up just when you begin to get better you always wonder "what would have happened if I would have stuck with it?" One of my friends (goes by "Draigun") seems interested in doing some collabs when I get an upgrade too. He has some stuff that I don't have and I am sure that we will come up with some good ideas.

I was working on some projects on my friends computer and a lot were sounding better than most of what I have been working on, but they mysteriously got deleted somehow and are gone. Some I have as audio exports, but the song isn't done, but if I upload them just for fun I'll send a link so you can hear them.