Final Fantasy 13

2010-03-10 22:51:50 by Ryukenjin

It finally came out! It has been a long wait.... around 5 years but it is finally here. I really wish they didn't wait so long to release it, but no problems so far or anything. One semi-annoying character is about all I have to complain about. Everything else is just as I hoped it would be when I hear the name Final Fantasy.

Lip syncing the English version with English voices made it have that extra detail that wasn't necessary, but I loved how they took the time to do that as well for the English release. I say this is my 3rd favorite of the series though because the story isn't as deep as the ps1 predecessors, but that is it (8 fave, 7 2nd fav... not story wise, just personal fav). Highly recommend it.

If anyone asks, I have the PS3 version. I'm not bashing 360, but I have read on my Facebook account of 2 people have problems with the 360 version. 1 was just wouldn't read it and the other was a red ring. I'm just happy that I havn't encountered any problems system or game-wise.

Oh, and about that reg card with the PS3 version, cool huh? A Chance (not guaranteed) to be a part of the PS3 beta test of FF14 sounds pretty sweet. Not to mention an exclusive item when the game releases with the same code. Now if Capcom could learn a few things instead of selling repackaged downgrades (or some upgrades) for tons of money we'd be in business.


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