12 days.....

2009-12-20 10:13:36 by Ryukenjin

of the year left..... the song is called "The 12 Days of Christmas"..... I have 12 songs left to post this year......... WHAT!?!?! Better get posting!!! 12 days of Ryukenjin starts now and ends the 31st (since I count today as well). I will try my best to get one song uploaded a day for the next 12 days. If I somehow can't get one uploaded in one day, then I will upload 2 the next. If I can't upload 2 songs in 2 days I will upload 2 on one day and 2 the next (and so on). I am posting in no particular order so they aren't the order I worked on them or finished. Enjoy!

Matt B (Ryukenjin)


I am sorry for not posting offen this year. Zero-bombers and lack of interest in the audio portal (as a whole) are 2 contributing factors. We the music artists put music up for people to enjoy, only to have maybe a dozen or 2 view the song over several months and about 6 rate the song, and likely one was a zero-bomber. Zero-bombers don't bother me, its that no one wants to take the time to listen unless it is a high-scoring track or a song of the week or so. With score being low it reaches a low audience. This is bad for those trying to make a name for themselves on Newgrounds

These 2 factors were bad, but my computer was the other factor. 224 MB OF RAM?!?! My friend says I am patient to have a computer with such a low RAM and using FL Studio WITH Nexus. It likes to skip and also make my computer have a state of low virtual memory. I can't get much done when I log on to FL Studio and I try my best til I can't anymore. I amaze myself at what I can do with determination. I made some very good tracks this year and I intend on posting them. Now is the time.


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2009-12-21 19:37:56

Lookin forward to them! :D

Ryukenjin responds:

Lookin foward to letting you hear them too!


2009-12-22 18:54:48

yep, me too..so far all of them are very good :D


2009-12-22 18:57:05

Also, if you want people to listen to your tracks, post on the Review Request Club, a forum that lets you advertise your audio, and post more on the audio forum...you'll see, you'll get more reviews, votes and downloads that way.

Ryukenjin responds:

I'll do that then. Thanks! And thanks for the reviews as well.


2009-12-24 20:33:41

YES!! I've been wondering where you've been, looking forward to listening to some new tunes! I've been on a bit lately (I didn't bring any games home for break, so I've had to hunt down good Flash games haha) and just now noticed I had mail. I feel pretty slow...


2009-12-30 23:09:56

good tracks and I know how you feel im dealing with 128 mb windows me


2010-01-08 20:24:13

Happy New Year (albeit a little late..)!
Good to hear you're still going with the music, shame about the zero bombing though, too frequent an occurence.
But it isn't the score that counts hey?

Ryukenjin responds:

True, but I can never tell what songs people like and don't like because most of the time they don't give reviews and just score low. It doesn't help when making songs because I wanna know what people liked, how I can incorporate similar parts, and build on them to make even better ones.

Without a decent score, it leaves me to believe people don't like it and it makes me think I failed at making a good song. I go by feedback from others and how they rate to have an effect on my growth. If it gets a low score I try to fix stuff they suggest or change it altogether. If it gets a high score I use similar techniques and strive to make one of equal, if not better, quality. That's the only reason I hate zero bombers as they don't contribute to anything, only making others think they didn't do a well enough job